“Connection” from Season 1 With Brian Kight

“Connection” from Season 1 With Brian Kight

From Season 1 of the Leadership Journey: Brian Kight and Keith Grabowski team up for this special Leadership Journey edition of the Coach and Coordinator podcast. Keith and Brian Kight discuss building connections in today’s podcast.

1:17 Breaking down the word “connection”

4:32 Relationships are built around 3 things

7:50 Players want to know if coaches care about them

9:34 Difference between foundation and function

13:33 Surface level concerns coaches need to understand

14:52 Acknowledging players for who they are

17:22 Learn how to use SnapChat

19:41 When authority exceeds influence, problems occur

24:05 4 things that make the connection

29:09 Invest a week into caring and listening

32:17 Taking ownership of your attitude

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