From the Archives – Phil Longo, Offensive Coordinator, North Carolina

From the Archives – Phil Longo, Offensive Coordinator, North Carolina

From the Archives: This podcast was originally recorded right after Longo made his move to Ole Miss from Sam Houston State.

Today’s guest is Phil Longo, offensive coordinator at Ole Miss. Longo talks about the difference between playing enthusiastically versus emotionally, how he evaluates players on instinctiveness and how he tweaks 7on7 time to make them even more effective for his team. He also discusses how he turns weaknesses into strengths by always optimizing his playbook.

Show Notes:

1:53 Start as a football coach

2:52 Lessons learned as a young coach

4:33 Building culture within an offense

6:30 Establishing relationships with players

8:28 Emphasizing instinct with players

9:57 Longo’s grading system for evaluating instinctiveness

12:30 How Ole Miss breaks down its spring practice schedule

14:09 How Longo turns weak links in the playbook into strengths

16:39 Tweaking plays for red zone and goal line situations

18:04 Special Teams and trick plays

19:35 Don’t install RPOs just to say you run RPOs

20:59 Play repetition

22:23 Coach technology

24:45 Keys to running an effective walkthrough

26:17 Role of assistant coaches on game day

27:28 Getting the most from 7on7s

29:25 The winning edge

Coach Grabowski’s 3 key takeaways:

1) Playing enthusiastically not emotionally

2) Having 26 plays and sticking with it

3) Get your players to play instinctively