Run Fits

Game Planning the Run Game – Chris Lorenti, Linebackers Coach, University of Rhode Island

In this Lauren’s First and Goal segment, Chris Lorenti gives an overview of Rhode Island’s game-planning process and the important questions they ask themselves when defending the run game.

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Coaching the #1 Rush Defense – Matt Tschetter, Defensive Coordinator, Wartburg College

In this episode, Matt Tschetter reveals the mentality he instilled in a defense that ranked #1 in rush defense and #1 in interceptions. He covers a wide range of coaching tips, including how he installed systems for tackling, defeating blocks, and creating turnovers.

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Defense with DC (Week 10): Adjusting to Early Calls, Motion, Coverage Variations, and Bunch Run Fits

On this week’s episode of Defense with DC, Dan Carrel, Defensive Coordinator for the USFL’s Michigan Panthers, shares insights on adjusting to early game calls, handling motion, tweaking coverages, and defending bunch. Listen On: “So much of being a coordinator… is being out in front of what’s about to happen.”– Dan Carrel at 4:55 Dan…

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