Energy & Details: Approach to the Season – Scotty Walden, Head Coach, UTEP

Energy & Details: Approach to the Season – Scotty Walden, Head Coach, UTEP

Scotty Walden, the new head coach at UTEP, joined us this past summer to take part in our Season series and provide insight into all the different phases of the season. In this episode, we have put together all of Coach Walden’s Season highlights.

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Congratulations to Scotty Walden on being named the new head coach at UTEP. He’s the second youngest coach in the FBS, and being the youngest is nothing new to him. In 2016, at 26 years old and the head coach of East Texas Baptist, he was the youngest head coach in college football.

Coach Walden was briefly the interim head coach at Southern Miss in 2020, making him the youngest FBS coach at that time. He then was the youngest head coach at Austin Peay when the Governors hired him in 2020.

If you didn’t know about Scotty Walden before, he is someone you will hear about often moving forward as he continues to rise in the profession. He’s one of the most authentic, genuine people you will meet, a true servant leader, and we are sure success will follow him wherever he goes.

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Show Notes:

>Set the Tone
>For the Brand Drills
>Revisit Goals and Standards
>Dress Rehearsal Before Week 1
>Approach to Big Games
>Taking Pressure Off Players in the Playoffs
>The Value of the Exit Interview

Full Scotty Walden Season Episodes:

>Bring the Juice! Setting the Tone for Camp
>A Strong Foundation for the Start of the Season
>Adding Wrinkles to Meetings, Practices, and Drills for Continuous Improvement
>Maximizing Performance Through Self-Scouting and Exploiting Opponent Weaknesses
>Playoff Preparation: A Heightened Level of Consistency

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