The Passing Lab – Andrew Coverdale, Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach, St. Xavier High School (OH) (PART 1)

The Passing Lab – Andrew Coverdale, Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach, St. Xavier High School (OH) (PART 1)

In part one of this two-part episode of our “Passing Lab” series, Andrew Coverdale covers a number of topics, including bunch, splits, ball-off-the-hash calls, spacing, hank, and more.

“The issue with explosive plays is how do you protect yourself long enough to generate the explosive plays.”
– Andrew Coverdale

Andrew Coverdale is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Before joining the Bombers staff, Coach Coverdale had a successful run as offensive coordinator with Trinity High School in Louisville, Kentucky. He has also served as a head coach and anchored coaching staffs at multiple schools.

In sum, Coach Coverdale is a 12x state champion in his illustrious career. He is a true student of the game and a teacher of its nuances.

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In our “Passing Lab” series, guest host Josh Herring, QB Coach at Lassiter High School (GA), sits down with passing game experts on the leading edge of offensive strategy.

“We have moved very heavily into routes that have a second layer of rhythm on the backside.”
– Andrew Coverdale

Show Notes:

>The Reality Behind the Bunch Book
>The Impact of Splits at the High School Level
>Slant-Arrow Case Study
>The Issue with Explosive Plays
>Influence of Bob Beatty
>Hash Study: Ball Not on the Hash 31% of the Time
>Impact on Opening Thoughts
>Spacing and Hank
>Learning from Scott Loefler
>The Second Layer of Rhythm
>Shanahan Stucco

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