Assembling Gap-Sound RPOs – Brent Dearmon, Head Coach, North Alabama

From the archives, Brent Dearmon discusses the evolution of the RPO in this episode. Coach Dearmon teaches how to maintain a downhill run mentality, account for the “hot gap”, protect the QB on every play, and find success with Power, Counter, and Buck Sweep as RPO’s.

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Defeating the Tite Front – Matt Drinkall, Co-OC and OL Coach, Army

The tite front has now gained popularity across all levels of football. Coach Drinkall shares a plan for defeating the tite front, including some of his go-to plays.

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Adding Multiplicity and Flexibility with the Counter Play

In this era of inside zone schemes, the counter, a play popularized by Joe Gibbs in Washington in the 1980’s, has returned.

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