Pass Protection

A Holistic Approach to Protecting the Passer – Dan Gonzalez, Football Consultant, Former HS/College Coach

In this episode from our archives, Dan Gonzalez, long-time coach at both the high school and college levels as well as offense consultant, discusses taking a holistic approach to protecting the passer. Every facet of the offensive plan, from protection principles, to route design, to formations should have protection as a key consideration.

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The Joe Moore Award Process for Determining the Best OL – Lance Zierlein, NFL Analyst

In this episode, Lance Zierlein shares his involvement in the Joe Moore Award, sheds light on the process for determining the award’s winning unit, and reveals the characteristics of the highest-performing offensive line units and coaches in the country.

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The Mushroom Society with Bob Wylie: Blitz Pick-Up, Featuring Kyle Caskey

Kyle Caskey joins Bob Wylie to share stories from their NFL experiences, while discussing blitz pick-up, help systems, how to coach protections, player-coach relationships, and more.

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