Practice Plan

Create a Better Plan and Develop Players with Data and Technology – Billy Riebock, Offensive Coordinator, Midwestern State

In this episode, Billy Riebock shares how he utilizes data in the offseason to help determine what the offense will look like for the coming season. He also goes into detail about how Midwestern State utilizes technology to create a better workflow and better teaching tools for their players.

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Continuous Improvement Through Position Battles – Calvin Renfroe, Offensive Coordinator, Olivet Nazarene

In this episode, Calvin Renfroe details the unique grading system deployed at Olivet Nazarene to constantly evaluate players and provide them active feedback for improvement, while concurrently building competition and culture throughout the program.

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Phil Longo’s Don’t Blink Offense – The Magic Formula

Wisconsin OC Phil Longo brings to the Big Ten his version of the Air Raid, a simple and efficient offensive philosophy built around personnel and balance.

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